Kroppsvarme og hudfletting (2017), album

Mostly recorded with my homemade synthesizers.



ihbowten 5’30” (2016), for Ensemble Klang

Alto saxophone
Tubax in Eb

Electric guitar


Recorded by Lilita Dunska and her crew.


SKRIK 6′ (2015), mechanical organ

For ‘The Busy Drone’ mechanical organ in Het Orgelpark, Amsterdam.



GULP 8′ (2015), for two bass clarinets and synthesizer

A piece I wrote for two bass clarinets, my homemade synthesizer and tape. There was also an automated light sequence for three light bulbs that played along with the music.

Played by Vincent Martig, Jose Angel Sainz Calogne (bass clarinets) and Emil Tan Erten (synthesizer).



Stuff05 3′ (2015), fixed media

Made with a doepfer synth. Not entirely sure if the cables were inserted properly in the logic section. Or in any section for that matter.



DSKJ 3′ (2015), for Oerknal

Written for a short sight-reading session with the Oerknal ensemble.

Clarinet in Bb





SJOF 15′ (2014), for kHz

SJOF was originally written for the kHz kollektiv, a group lead by Yannis Kyriakides which I have been a part of since 2013. It’s an improvisational piece in which the performers are using small homemade instruments I built to limit the pitch material. The piece is structurally organized by a light patch, made in Max/MSP by Darien Brito, that controls three light bulbs. The piece was also performed by another ad hoc group of musicians in Helsinki.



DPRK 5′ (2014), for David Kweksilber Big Band

A piece I wrote for the DKBB. Performed in Korzo Theater.

Sopranino sax
Soprano sax
Alto sax
Tenor sax
Baritone sax

3 Trumpets in Bb
Cornet in Bb
4 Trombones
Bass trombone

Electric guitar
Bass guitar



Etude04 5′ (2014), fixed media

Written in SuperCollider for the Programming and Music class at the Institute of Sonology.



Etude01, 02 & 03 2′ each (2014), fixed media

Shorter etudes written in SuperCollider for the Programming and Music class.



YLNM 3′ (2013), mechanical organ

Written for The Busy Drone in Het Orgelpark, Amsterdam.



ILCS 9′ (2013), trio

A piece for the Rhijnhof Begraafplaats midsummer concert, but also performed in Gaudeamus Muziekweek and the First Year Festival at The Royal Conservatoire of The Hague. It was played by a variety of people in these concerts, but in this particular recording by Erwin Weerstra (piano), Ieva Langaite (flute) and Emilio Parrilla Garcia (clarinet).

Clarinet in Bb



EV2 12′ (2013), fixed media

I made this piece having the ideas of Denis Smalley’s article on spectromorphology in mind.



JJNM 7′ (2012), pianola

This piece was supposed to be played at the Pianola Museum in Amsterdam, but was cancelled due to lack of funds. In 2015 it was almost remade for the Conlon Foundation’s disklavier in Utrecht.



VEV1 3′ (2012), fixed media and mezzo-soprano

Composed some time between 2011 and 2012. Was performed once, but no proper recording of the mezzo exists.