Synthesizer #1

DIY Synthesizer

+12 / -12V, requires external power supply

This synthesizer was built between autumn 2014 and spring 2015. All modules are +/- 12V with a signal voltage of 10Vpp around ground. Most of the circuits are unashamedly stolen from Ray Wilson’s, while the four VCOs come in two different variants by Thomas Henry. Both faceplates and circuit boards were hand soldered perfboards, given my reluctance to enter the world of metal working at the time.

  • 3x XR2206 VCO
  • 1x 4046 VCO
  • 1x MFOS VCF (LP/BP/HP)
  • 2x MFOS VCA (Lin./Exp.)
  • 1x MFOS S&H
  • 2x MFOS ADSR
  • 1x MFOS Dual AR
  • 1x 4024 Clock Divider



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